Monday, February 09, 2015

New Books at IFA Manoa: January 2015

Foundations of Astrophysics.
Ryden, Barbara S, and Peterson, Bradley M.
QB 461 R887 2010

Observing Photons in Space.
Edited by Huber, M, et al.
(International Space Science Institute).
ISSI scientific report, SR-009.
QC 793.5 P42 O27 2010

Physics and Chemistry of Circumstellar Dust Shells.
Gail, Hans-Peter and Sedlmayr, Erwin.
Cambridge Astrophysics Series : 52.
QB 792 G35 2014

A Practical Guide to CCD Astronomy.
Martinez, Patrick and Klotz, Alain.
Practical Astronomy Handbooks : 8.
QB 127.4 M37 1998

Protostars and Planets VI.
Beuther, H, Klessen, R S, Dullemond, C P, and Henning, T, Editors.  Proceedings of a conference held in Heidelberg, Germany, July 15-20, 2013.
QB 806 P78 2014