Thursday, November 06, 2008

NEW BOOKS at Manoa: October 2008

Astronomical data analysis software and systems XVII : proceedings of a conference held in Kensington Town Hall, London, United Kingdom, 23-26 September 2007.
Argyle, Robert W., Bunclark, Peter S., and Lewis, James R.
ASP ; 394
QB 51.3 .E43 A87 2008

Cosmic explosions : on the 10th anniversary of SN1993J.
Marcaide, J. M. and Weiler, Kurt W.
IAU Colloquium 192
QB 843 S95 .I58 2003

Cosmological enigmas : pulsars, quasars, & other deep-space questions.
Kidger, Mark R.
QB 982 .K53 2007

A decade of extrasolar planets around normal stars : proceedings of the Space Telescope Science Institute symposium, held in Baltimore, Maryland, May 2-5, 2005.
Livio, Mario, Sahu, Kailash., and Valenti, Jeff
Space Telescope Science Institute symposium series ; 19
QB 820 .S67 2005

Double stars.
Heintz, Wulff D.
QB 821 .H413 1978

Electronic imaging in astronomy : detectors and instrumentation.
McLean, Ian S.
QB 51.3 .I45 M36 2008

First results from Hinode : proceedings of a workshop held at Trinity College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland, 20-24 August 2007.
Matthews, Sarah A., Davis, John Moulton, and Harra, L. K.
ASP ; 397
QB 520 .F57 2008

The heliosphere through the solar activity cycle.
Balogh, Andre, Lanzerotti, Louis J., and Suess, Steven T.
QB 529 .H45 2008

Observing the universe : a guide to observational astronomy and planetary science.
Norton, Andrew and Cooper, W. A.
QB 61 .O27 2004

Proceedings of the twenty-fifth General Assembly, Sydney, Australia, 2003.
Engvold, Oddbjorn
IAU ; 25B ; XXVB
QB 1 .I6 vol. 25B

Unmasking Europa : the search for life on Jupiter's ocean moon.
Greenberg, Richard J.
QB 404 .G76 2008

Your cosmic context : an introduction to modern cosmology.
Duncan, Todd and Tyler, Craig
QB 981 .D886 2009