Thursday, October 09, 2008

QUIK GUIDE: Finding Online Journal Articles

Basic requirements:

To access journals online, you will need a UH Username or Number and password registered with the UH Library system. Link to the IfA Library’s instructions.

To reach the journal articles, go to "Journals, Newsletters & Annual Reports" on the IfA Library Web Site under "QUIK INFO".

Go to the journal title:

For example:
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
ONLINE v.293 n.1 (1998 Jan - )
Archival ONLINE [MNRAS] via ADS: v.1-353 (1827 Feb-2004 Oct)

The word "ONLINE" is linked to the HTML and PDF versions of the journals. The volume and year after the word "ONLINE" indicate the range of the UH Hamilton Library’s online access. In this example, UH online access starts with volume 293 (no.1), January 1998.

Click on the word "ONLINE", login with your UH Username or Number and password (see Basic requirements above) and reach the articles.

The "Archival ONLINE" link leads to the years of the journals available free through ADS.

In this MNRAS example, ADS offers articles from volume 1, 1827 to volume 353, October 2004. The ADS abbreviations for the journal titles are shown in square brackets. In the ADS search form, the abbreviation can be combined with the volume/year/pages as a short cut to an article.

The journal title link takes you to the journal’s homepage. Information for authors is available there, but not free access to complete articles.

If the volume/year you want is not covered by the "ONLINE" or ADS “Archival ONLINE” links, send the article information you have to the IfA Librarians for free document delivery service [email: library at ifa dot Hawaii dot edu].