Tuesday, March 11, 2008

NEW BOOKS at Manoa: February 2008

Astrochemistry : from astronomy to astrobiology.
Shaw, Andrew M.
QB 450 .S53 2006

Astrophysics in a nutshell.
Maoz, Dan.
QB 461 .M32 2007

The astrophysics of emission-line stars.
Kogure, T. and Leung, Kam-Ching.
QB 883 .K635 2007

Basics of the solar wind.
Meyer-Vernet, Nicole.
QB 529 M485 2007

Chaos and complexity in astrophysics.
Regev, O.
QB 466 .C45 R44 2006

Extrasolar planets : XVI Canary Islands Winter School of Astrophysics. : Canary Islands Winter School on Astrophysics (16th : 2004 : Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife).
Deeg, Hans, Belmonte, Juan Antonio, and Aparicio, A.
QB 820 .C36 2008

First light in the universe.
Loeb, Abraham, Ferrara, A., and Ellis, Richard S.
Saas-Fee advanced course ... lecture notes ; 2006.
QB 856 .L64 2008

Galactic dynamics.
Binney, James and Tremaine, Scott.
QB 857 .B524 2008

The galactic supermassive black hole.
Melia, Fulvio.
QB 843 .B55 M45 2007

Galaxy formation.
Longair, M. S.
QB 981 .L846 2007

Introduction to lens design : with practical ZEMAX examples.
Geary, Joseph M.
QC 385.2 .D47 G43 2002

Introduction to optics.
Pedrotti, Frank L., Pedrotti, Leno S., and Pedrotti, Leno Matthew.
QC 355.3 .P43 2007

An introduction to radio astronomy.
Burke, Bernard F. and Graham-Smith, Francis, Sir.
QB 476.5 .B87 2002

Jupiter : the planet, satellites and magnetosphere.
Bagenal, Fran, Dowling, Timothy E., and McKinnon, William B.
QB 661 .J87 2006

Not even wrong : the failure of string theory and the search for unity in physical law.
Woit, Peter.
QC 794.6 .S85 W65 2006

Numerical methods in astrophysics : an introduction.
Bodenheimer, Peter.
QB 462.3 .N86 2007

Physics of solar system plasmas.
Cravens, Thomas E.
QB 529 .C73 2004

Pluto and Charon : ice worlds on the ragged edge of the solar system.
Stern, Alan and Mitton, Jacqueline.
QB 701 .S84 2005

Practical computer-aided lens design.
Smith, Gregory Hallock.
QC 385.2 .D47 S6 1998

The ray and wave theory of lenses.
Walther, A.
QC 385 .W36 2006

Scattering of waves from large spheres.
Grandy, Walter T.
QC 427.4 .G73 2005

The search for intelligent life in space.
Shostak, G. Seth. (Teaching Company.).
Great courses (Videorecording).
QB 54 .S42 1999 VIDEO (3tapes)

Solar astrophysics.
Foukal, Peter.
QB 521 .F68 2004

The telescope : its history, technology, and future.
Andersen, Geoff.
QB 88 .A64 2007

Theoretical concepts in physics : an alternative view of theoretical reasoning in physics.
Longair, M. S.
QC 20 .L64 2003

A traveler's guide to Mars : the mysterious landscapes of the red planet.
Hartmann, William K.
QB 641 .H335 2003

Understanding the universe : an introduction to astronomy.
Filippenko, Alexei V. (Teaching Company.).
Great courses (DVD). Math, science, & economics
QB 43.3 .U64 2007 DVD [8 part set]

The whole shebang : a state-of-the-universe(s) report.
Ferris, Timothy.
QB 981 .F38 1997