Friday, June 15, 2007

New Books in Manoa: November-December 2006

Beautiful evidence.
Tufte, Edward R.
P 93.5 .T837 2006

The beginner's observing guide : an introduction to the night sky for the novice stargazer.
Enright, Leo and Levy, David H.
QB 63 .E44 2003

Blowing bubbles in the cosmos : astronomical winds, jets, and explosions.
Hartquist, T. W., Dyson, J. E., and Ruffle, D. P.
QB 529 .H37 2004

Chemical abundances and mixing in stars in the Milky Way and its satellites : proceedings of the ESO-Arcetri Workshop held in Castiglione della Pescaia, Italy, 13-17 September 2004.
Randich, Sofia and Pasquini, Luca [editors]
QB 450.5 .E86 2006

Energetic ions at Earth's quasi-parallel bow shock.
Kis, Arpad
QB 1000.3 .K57 2006

The birth of stars and planets.
Bally, John and Reipurth, Bo
QB 806 .B35 2006

First light for the next generation of Compton and pair telescopes : development of new techniques for the data analysis of combined Compton and pair telescopes and their application to the MEGA prototype.
Zoglauer, Andreas Christian
QB 88 .Z64 2006

An introduction to modern cosmology.
Liddle, Andrew R.
QB 981 .L567 2003

Is Pluto a planet? : a historical journey through the solar system.
Weintraub, David A.
QB 602.9 .W456 2007

New light on dark stars : red dwarfs, low-mass stars, brown dwarfs.
Reid, I. Neill and Hawley, Suzanne L.
QB 843 .D9 R45 2005

The Oxford guide to the history of physics and astronomy.
Heilbron, J. L.
QC 7 .O94 2005

Oxford user's guide to mathematics.
Zeidler, Eberhard., Hackbusch, W., Schwarz, Hans Rudolf, and Hunt, Bruce
REF QA 40 .T4813 2004

Parting the cosmic veil.
Lang, Kenneth R.
QB 982 .L36 2006

Planets to cosmology : essential science in the final years of the Hubble Space Telescope : proceedings of the Space Telescope Science Institute Symposium, held in Baltimore, Maryland, May 3-6, 2004.
Livio, Mario and Casertano, Stefano
Space Telescope Science Institute symposium series ; 18
QB 500.268 .S6237 2006

The United States Naval Observatory double star CD 2006.5.
Mason, Brian D., Wycoff, G. L., Hartkopf, William I., McAlister, H. A., and Kang, D.
QB 821 .U72 2006 CD-ROM

The view from the center of the universe : discovering our extraordinary place in the cosmos.
Primack, J. R. and Abrams, Nancy Ellen
QB 981 .P85 2006