Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Pluto Interview

Author and blogger John Scalzi interviews former planet Pluto.

  • I’m not going to sue. Who am I going to sue? You think the International Astronomical Union has any money to speak of? There’s a reason the most popular event at an astronomer’s conference is the free buffet.
  • Yes, I’m excited about the New Horizons mission. But I wish you guys could have found a way to get one of the Voyagers my way. I wanted to listen that record.
  • I would have preferred the term “ice planet” myself. Some of the “dwarf” planets out here are going to mess with that definition once you discover them.
  • No, I won’t tell you where they are. Find them yourself. You guys are good at that.
  • Life on other planets? You know, I’m paid really well not to comment about that.