Friday, January 19, 2007

New Books in Hilo

Astronomy with High Contrast Imaging: From Planetary Systems to Active Galactic Nuclei
EAS Publications Series, v. 8 (2003)
QB 51.3 .I45 A87 2005

Birth of Stars and Planets
Bally, John and Bo Reipurth
QB 806 .B35 2006

Direct Imaging of Exoplanets: Science and Techniques
IAU Colloquium 200
QB 820 .D5 A5 2005

Exploring the Universe with the IUE Satellite
Kondo, Y. (ed.)
QB 474 .E97 1987

Galactic and Stellar Dynamics
EAS Publications Series, v. 10 (2003)
QB 856 .J45 2003

Light Curves of Variable Stars
Sterken, C. and C. Jaschek
QB 836 .L54 1996