Thursday, November 02, 2006

Books received in Manoa - September & October

Astronomical data analysis software and systems XV : proceedings of a meeting held in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Spain, 2-5 October 2005.
Gabriel, Carlos. [editor].
Astronomical Society of the Pacific conference series, v. 351
QB 51.3.E43 A87 2006

Astronomy with high contrast imaging : from planetary systems to active galactic nuclei, Nice, France, May 13-16, 2002.
Aime, C. and Soummer, R.
EAS publications series, v. 8
QB 51.3.I45 A87 2003

Blazar Variablility Workshop II : entering the GLAST era : proceedings of a workshop held at Florida International University, Miami, Florida, USA, 10-12 April 2005.
Miller, H. Richard [editor].
Astronomical Society of the Pacific conference series, v. 350
QB 858.35 .B53 2005

A Companion to astronomy and astrophysics : chronology and glossary with data tables.
Lang, Kenneth R.
REF QB 14 .L36 2006

Envisioning information.
Tufte, Edward R.
P 93.5 .T84 1991

Firefly atlas of the universe.
Moore, Patrick.
QB 44.3 M66 2005 Folio

Fortran 90/95 for scientists and engineers.
Chapman, Stephen J.
QA 76.73 F25 C425 2004

Fundamentals of astronomy.
Barbieri, Cesare.
QB 43.3 B37 2007

Gravitational lensing: strong, weak and micro.
Schneider, Peter.
Saas-Fee advanced course 33
QB 857.7.G7 S36 2003

JENAM 2002 : galactic & stellar dynamics : Porto, Portugal, September 3-6, 2002.
Boily, Christian M.
EAS publications series, v. 10
QB 856 .J45 2003

Impact! : the threat of comets and asteroids.
Verschuur, Gerrit L.
QB 721 V48 1996

Meteorites, comets, and planets.
Davis, A. M., Holland, Heinrich D., and Turekian, Karl K.
Treatise on geochemistry ; vol. 1
QE 515 .M48 2005

Mount Wilson Observatory: Centennial history of the Carnegie Institution of Washington - volume 1
Sandage, Allan.
Q 179.9 C45 2004 v. 1

New horizons in astronomy : Frank N. Bash Symposium 2005 : proceedings of a meeting held at the University of Texas, Austin, Texas, USA, 16-18 October 2005.
Kannappan, Sheila J., Redfield, Seth, Kessler-Silacci, Jacqueline E., Landriau, Martin, and Drory, Niv [editors].
Astronomical Society of the Pacific conference series, v. 352
QB 51.5 .N49 2005

A private universe ; Minds of our own.
Crouse, Lindsay., Schneps, Matthew H., and Sadler, Philip Michael. (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. Science Media Group.).
Q 183.3 A1 P75 2003 DVD

Scientific detectors for astronomy 2005 : explorers of the photon odyssey.: Scientific Detectors for Astronomy Workshop (6th : 2005 : Taormina, Italy)
Beletic, Jenna E., Beletic, James W., and Amico, Paola. [editors].
Astrophysics and space science library ; v. 336
QB 84.5 .S35 2005

Sun, earth, and sky.
Lang, Kenneth R.
QB 521.4 .L36 2006