Monday, July 11, 2005

New Items! in Manoa

Energy conversion and particle acceleration in the solar corona (Lecture notes in physics, 612) by L.Klein [QB 529 .E54 2003 ]

Large meteorite impacts III by Thomas Kenkmann [QB 754.8 .L38 2005]

Large meteorite impacts and planetary evolution II by Burkhard Dressler [QB 754.8 .L37 1999]

Science with adaptive optics (ESO workshop) [QB 84.5 .S35 2003]

Shapes of galaxies and their dark halos (Yale Cosmology Workshop) by Priyamvada Natarajan. [QB 856 .S53 2001]

Two Micron All Sky Survey : all-sky point and extended source catalogs DVD [QB 470 .T86 A45 DVD]

Volcanic worlds : exploring the solar system's volcanoes by Rosaly Lopes [QB .603 .V65 L56 2004]