Tuesday, July 05, 2005

New Items! in Manoa

Newly bound Graduate theses currently on the New Book shelf:

Link Between Interactions, Infrared Emission and the Transformation of Galaxies: a detailed study of a complete sample of luminous infrared galaxies by Catherine Ishida [QB 1000.1 .I84 2004]

Multiwavelength Study of Solar Ellerman Bombs by Tamara Payne [QB 1000.3 .P39 1993]

Neutral Interstellar Medium in Luminous Compact Blue Galaxies by Catherine Garland [QB 1000.1 .G3 2004]

Physical Survey of Centaurs by James Bauer [QB 1000.1 .B38 2003]

Probing global star and galaxy formation using deep multi-wavelength surveys by Peter Capak [QB 1000.1 .C36 2004]

Search for Debris Disks with a Dual Channel Adaptive Optics Imaging Polarimeter by Dan Potter [QB 1000.1 .P6 2003]

Small bodies in the outer solar system: from Kuiper Belt objects to centaurs to satellites by Scott Sheppard [QB 1000.1 .S53 2004]

Type 1A Supernovae at High Redshift by Brian Barris [QB 1000.1 .B37 2004]