Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Books in Hilo

These older volumes have been properly catalogued and are either on the New Books display shelf or shelved in the stacks.

Atlas of Comet Halley 1910 II

ESO Uppsala Survey of the ESO (B) Atlas
QB 500.3 .L38 Atlas/Catalog

Epheremides of Minor Planets for 1980 & 1981
QB 8 .R84

First Year of HST Observations
QB 500.268 .F57

Infrared Astronomy with Arrays
QB 470 .A1 W67

Instrumentation in Astronomy VII
QB 86 .I5845

IRAS Faint Source Survey – Explanatory Supplement, Version 2, 1992
QB 470 .I65

Observatory Operations to Optimize Scientific Return
QB 81 .O27

Optical and Infrared Telescopes for the 1990’s, vol. I & II
QB 88 .H1

XLIB Programming Manual, vol. 1
QA 76.76 .W56 N99