Monday, September 12, 2011

ADS account-you need this!

ADS is a powerful search engine for astronomy research. And, having an ADS account with ‘University of Hawaii’ designated as your 'Library Links Settings,' will provide ‘L-links’ and Find-it buttons for speedy access to the full text of articles. No more ‘pay to view’ screens!

Do you have an ADS account? When you look at an ADS screen, do you see your email address in the upper right hand corner? If NO, click on the 'Sign on' link & follow the online instructions. It’s free and nearly painless. If YES, click on the 'my Account' link to see the options.

Within your account preferences, look for 'Library Links Settings' and CLICK ON THAT. From the drop down menu on the 'Library Links Settings' screen, select University of Hawaii & then click 'save settings'.

The next time you search ADS, you’ll see the L-links on the query results between the A [Abstract] and X [arXiv] links. A 'Find it' button shows on each citation's abstract screen. Either will take you to the UHM Hamilton login screen. Login and continue. You may then be taken to the journal's page & the PDF and HTML links will work without further delay. Or you may see a Hamilton screen that shows the citation & states UH does have access: click on the term 'article' or 'journal' to reach the PDF download. If the Hamilton screen states that UH does not have access, just send me the citation & I'll get the article for you. [You can follow the link to their interlibrary loan page & place a request yourself, if you're keen.]

If you have any trouble with initializing the ADS account or setting the Library Links value or don't see the 'L-links' & 'Find it' buttons thereafter, or run into any other difficulties, please let me know.