Friday, May 14, 2010

NEW BOOKS at Manoa: April 2010

Astrophysics of planet formation.
Armitage, Philip J.
QB 603 O74 A76 2010

The case for Pluto : how a little planet made a big difference.
Boyle, Alan.
QB 701 B69 2010

The craft of scientific presentations :
critical steps to succeed and critical errors to avoid.
Alley, Michael.
Q 223 A38 2003

Pappalardo, Robert T., McKinnon, William B., & Khurana, K.
(Lunar and Planetary Institute.).
University of Arizona space science series.
QB 404 E97 2009

The galactic supermassive black hole.
Melia, Fulvio.
QB 843 B55 M456 2007

The Pluto files : the rise and fall of America's favorite planet.
Tyson, Neil deGrasse.
QB 701 T97 2009

Preserving astronomy's photographic legacy: current state and the future of North American astronomical plates: included are the proceedings of a workshop held at the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute, Rosman, North Carolina, USA, 1-3 November 2007.
Osborn, Wayne and Robbins, Lee.
ASP Conference Series v. 410
QB 121 P74 2009

Relativity in fundamental astronomy:
dynamics, reference frames, and data analysis: proceedings of
the 261st Symposium of the International Astronomical Union
held in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA : April 27-May 1, 2009
Klioner, Sergei A., Seidelmann, P. Kenneth., & Soffel, Michael H.
IAU symposium and colloquium proceedings series ; 261.
QB 1 I58 no.261

Star clusters: basic galactic building blocks throughout time and space: proceedings of the 266th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union held in : Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 10 - 14 August 2009.
De Grijs, Richard and Lepine, Jacques Raymond Daniel.
IAU symposium and colloquium proceedings series ; 266.
QB 1 I58 no.266

Stellar interiors : physical principles, structure, and evolution.
Hansen, Carl J., Kawaler, Steven D., and Trimble, Virginia.
QB 808 H36 2004