Friday, May 12, 2006

New Books in Manoa

Astrobiology : future perspectives
Ehrenfreund, P.
QH 325 A77 2004

Collision-induced absorption in gases
Frommhold, Lothar
QC 162 .F76 1993

Last of the great observatories : Spitzer and the era
of faster, better, cheaper at NASA

Rieke, G. H.
QB 82 .U62 S63 2006

Life and death of planet Earth : how the new science
of astrobiology charts the ultimate fate of our world

Ward, Peter Douglas
QB 638.8 .W37 2003

Stardust from meteorites : an introduction to Presolar grains
Lugaro, Maria
QB 791.2 .L84 2005

IAU Symposium:
231. Astrochemistry : recent successes and current challenges
REF IAU Symp. 231