Thursday, April 13, 2006

New Books in Manoa

Astronomy through the ages : the story of the human attempt to understand the universe.
Wilson, Robert
QB 15 .W56 1997

Disturbing the solar system : impacts, close encounters, and coming attractions.
Rubin, Alan E.
QB 339 .R84 2002

Ultraviolet atlas of the Arcturus spectrum, 1150-3800 [angstroms].
Hinkle, Kenneth.
QB 883 .U57 2005 ATL/CAT

The 2005 HST calibration workshop : Hubble after the transition to two-gyro mode
Koekemoer, Anton
QB 500.268 .C35 2005

ASP Conference Series:
341. Chondrites and the protoplanetary disk
Krot, Alexander N., Scott, Edward R. D. , Reipurth, Bo
QB 758.5 .C46 C46 2005