Saturday, January 21, 2006

New in Hilo

Recently received items in Hilo include books, CD-ROMs and a DVD.

AC 2000.2 Astrographic Catalogue on Hipparcos System on CD-ROM
QB 6 .A3 2001 CD-ROM

G. J. Babu and E. D. Feigelson
QB 149 .B32 1996

Dust in the Universe: Similarities and Differences
K. S. Krishna Swamy
QB 791 .K75 2005

Einstein Observatory SLEW Survey on CD-ROM
QB 472 .E563 1991 CD-ROM

Gentle Rain of Starlight
Michael J. West
REF QB 82 .M38 W47 2005

Haleakala: House of the Sun
A Sense of Place: Cultural Overview
QB 82 .H35 H68 DVD

Visions of Mauna Kea
Hugh Grossman
QB 82 .M38 G76

Worlds on Fire: Volcanoes on the Earth, the Moon, Mars, Venus, and Io
Charles Frankel
QB 603 .V65 F73 2005