Tuesday, October 19, 2004

New Books in Hilo

IAU Symposia:
209 Planetary Nebulae: Their Evolution and Role in the Universe
210 Modelling of Stellar Atmospheres
213 Bioastronomy 2002: Life Among the Stars
214 High Energy Processes and Phenomena in Astrophysics
220 Dark Matter in Galaxies
217 Recycling Intergalactic and Interstellar Matter

NASA Space Science Education and Public Outreach Annual Report FY 2003
QB 61 .O33

Jets in Young Stellar Objects: Theory and Observations by A.J.L. Fernandes, P.J.V. Garcia, J.J.G.Lima, (eds.)
QB 466 .J46 J487

Physics of the Solar System by Bruno Bertotti, Paolo Farinella, David Vokrouhlicky (ASSL vol. 293)
QB 501 .B49

OSA Optics Index 1985-1989
QC 350 .727

Introduction to Statistical Optics by Edward L.O’Neill
QC 383 .O5

And some recent additions which were on the New Books shelf, but have now been shelved in the stacks:

Hawaiian Dictionary by Mary Kawena Pukui
REF PL 6446 .P795

Astronomy and Astrophysics Encyclopedia by Stephen P. Maran (ed.)
REF QB 14 .A873

Oxford Dictionary of Astronomy, Rev. ed. by Ian Ridpath
REF QB 14 .D52

Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics by Robert A. Meyers (ed.)
REF QB 14 .E53

Cambridge Dictionary of Astronomy by Jacqueline Mitton
REF QB 14 .M55

Handbook of CCD Astronomy by Steve B. Howell
REF QB 127.4 .H69

Practical Statistics for Astronomers by J.V. Wall and C. R. Jenkins
REF QB 149 .W35

High Altitude Medicine by Herb Hutgren
REF RC 103 .M63 H84

Chicago Manual of Style, 15th ed.
REF Z 253 .C49

40 Years of COSPAR
QB 4 .E96

Astronomy Communication by Andre Heck
QB 61 .A8

Galaxy and Solar System by Roman Smoluchowski, John N. Bahcall, and Mildred S. Matthews, (eds.)
QB 857 .G4

High Altitude Medicine Handbook, 3rd ed. by Andrew J. Pollard and David R. Murdoch
RC 103 .M63 P65