Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Online Journal Access Changed

Please direct inquiries to IfA library staff.

The main campus has changed the way online journals are accessed. You will now have to login to access journals online unless you are physically in Hamilton or Sinclair libraries.

The login can either be:
1. your Manoa ID card number and last name {the old "off-campus" login}


2. your email name (before the @) and password.

You can test your ability to login here:

The good news is that you remain logged in as long as your browser is open.

Please note the warning on the bottom of the validation screen:

ATTENTION Internet Explorer and Netscape 6.x Users: you must have cookies ENABLED in your browser's privacy/security preferences in order to connect to remote databases from non-UH Manoa IP addresses. If you have difficulty logging in, please check your security settings and try again. If you are using these browsers with Windows XP, you may still encounter problems. Therefore, until these software products are fully compatible, we strongly recommend using a different browser such as OPERA ( or an older browser version such as IE 5.x or Netscape 4.x.