Thursday, August 31, 2017

Borrowing IfA Library Books

Borrowing IfA books:

  • The book will be borrowed in your name and delivered to your mailbox by the Librarian 
  • Or, use the   self-service computer  by the Library office
  •  Books can be mailed by the Librarian to Hilo and Maui via media mail

If you removed books without Borrowing:

  •  Please Email the title(s) to so it can be borrowed in your name and added to the Circulation database
  • With your name in the record, other IfA researchers can contact you for access to the book if they need to borrow it
  • Without your name in the record, the book appears to be missing and is not accessible to anyone

 Returning books:

    • Leave books in the Return Books Box near the Library office   
    • Or, put the books in the Library mailbox drawer   
    • Hilo and Maui - books can be returned to the IfA Manoa Library via media mail or in person

      Reference Collection: 

      • These books are meant  to be available to all IfA researchers 24/7, and should not be removed from the Library

      • If you have removed a Reference Book from the collection, please return it ASAP
      •  or at least email the title to so it can be borrowed in your name, and  other researchers can contact you if they need to use the book

      Missing books:

      • If a book is missing, please let the Librarian know and a query/request will be sent out to the IfA Astro list

      Search the Catalog on the Library Website:

      Please email requests and queries to
      Marilyn DeMattos, IfA Librarian at: