Monday, November 07, 2005

New Books in Manoa!

Cosmos in the classroom 2004 : a hands-on symposium on teaching introductory astronomy : meeting summary, papers, and handouts.
Andrew Fraknoi
QB 61 .C64 2004

The fabric of the cosmos : space, time, and the texture of reality.
B. Greene
QB 982 G74 2004

The living universe : NASA and the development of astrobiology.
Steven Dick
QH 325 D53 2004

Looking for life, searching the solar system.
Paul Clancy
QH 362 C63 2005

New worlds in the cosmos : the discovery of exoplanets
M. Mayor
QB 820 M3913 2003

Stellar alchemy : the celestial origin of atoms
Michael Casse
QB 463 C37 2003

Worlds on fire : volcanoes on the Earth, Moon, Mars, Venus and Io.
Charles Frankel
QB 603 V65 F73 2005