Tuesday, February 23, 2016

What happened to CBATs? Here's some options. --updated 14 Nov 2017--

Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams (CBAT)
Publisher of  :  
IAU Circulars also called IAU Telegrams
or CBETs [Central Bureau Electronic Telegrams]

CBAT subscribers (primarily the astronomy library community and researchers) have encountered and reported apparently ongoing subscription and service-related issues as far back as August 2014.

Key problems reported:
  • sporadic or no content access
  • inability to begin or renew subscriptions
  • difficulty reaching and receiving timely assistance and support
  • lack of clarity regarding who to actually contact for support
  • lack of resolution or improvement from the IAU Commission 6, under which CBAT operates
Summarized from : The PAM Bulletin, Article 9 of 10, Vol. 43 No. 3, 17 Feb. 2016.

Note from CBAT : "Official citing should always be to the printed IAUCs, not the electronic versions."

Links to other options:

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  3. IAUC Archives [subscription service for IfA researchers only]
  4.  50 Most Recent CBETs [nos. 1-1199 free] [nos. 1200+ by subscription only] (updated 14 Nov 2017)
  5. CBET Archives [subscription service for IfA researchers only]
  6. ADS form for IAUCs only - use the number of the issue you want. [free] [via NASA Astrophysics Data System]